Public Notice

Dear Community, 

Due to forecasted strong and dry winds, PG&E is considering proactively turning off power for safety across portions of San Mateo and other Bay Area counties. When gusty winds and dry conditions occur, combined with a heightened fire risk, PG&E may need to turn off power for public safety.  

At this time, none of the schools in the Brisbane School District are anticipated to be affected. I will continue to monitor this development and communicate with all staff and families if this situation changes. We will share any information we have about the duration of the outage and our plans, including a possible school closure, if needed. We have plans in place for short-term power outages; however, an extended power outage could leave us without water and sewer services. My hope is that I can give ample notice if a school closure must occur. 

This potential power outage is a great time to make sure that your household is prepared in the event of an extended power outage and natural disaster. More information can be found  at to help your family prepare for a disaster. 

I would also like to take this time to share with the community a document the District put together on how we plan to address potential air quality issues in out District. Please review the attached FAQ to fully understand how we plan on addressing air quality circumstances. 

Thank you, 

Ronan Collver