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Lipman Middle School strives to provide a nurturing, child-centered learning community where teachers and students engage in problem solving and share a passion for authentic learning in an environment of mutual respect. We encourage students to express themselves academically, artistically, musically, and physically. Our intent is that the "real-world" curriculum at Lipman encourages students to become responsible citizens who strive for their personal best.


Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to Lipman Middle School!  Our schoolwide theme at Lipman Middle School is community, and we truly believe in the importance of building a community on campus among the students, families and staff.  Together with the families, we form a strong partnership that helps guide our adolescent learners in academic success, decision-making and character development. 

At Lipman Middle School we have the utmost respect for our young learners, and we truly believe they deserve a modern, aesthetically-pleasing, caring and enriching environment in which to learn.  Our staff works hard to provide our students with conceptual, real-life learning opportunities and a variety of tools and strategies with which to be successful.  In turn, we ask our students to respect each other, classroom time and the school environment and to help us maintain a clean, green and beautiful campus.

Welcome to our school community!


Your principal, Jolene Heckerman


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Lipman Middle School is located just 9 minutes south of San Francisco in the city of Brisbane. We are a public middle school of approximately 160 students in grades six through eight. Our graduates attend, by choice, one of four high schools in the Jefferson High School District upon graduation. Students receive instruction in core blocks.  Instruction in math and science takes place in 100 minute blocks followed by another 100 minute block of language arts and history/social science. Unlike the traditional junior high where classes and teachers change every 50 minutes with bells, students are able to participate in thematically ­ integrated lessons with much flex time and follow-­up with the same core instructor.

Afternoons at Lipman Middle School take the form of an elective program (Film Studies, Leadership, Robotics, Yearbook, music, art and more) coupled with P.E. and an advisory period. School hours are from 8:25 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  The Brisbane Recreation Department organizes and sponsors all major sports including basketball, volleyball, football and track for students. Our active student council plans lunchtime activities for the student body, and students benefit from monthly assemblies. Our school wide theme is community and teachers develop and implement curriculum based on the integrated thematic model of Highly Effective Teaching. We pride ourselves on an academic focus and the teaching of LifeSkills.  For more information on the Highly Effective Teaching Model, click here.

Phone: (415)­ 467-­9541
One Solano Street
Brisbane, CA 94005
(415) 467-9541