Brisbane School District

Building Thoughtful Citizens

The Brisbane School District graduates students who are thoughtful, prepared, and engaged citizens. Our program emphasizes conceptual understanding, teaching the Common Core State Standards through year-long themes. With an emphasis on higher order thinking skills, we focus on understanding, evaluating, and creating. We thread Lifeskills throughout our curriculum with the goal of providing our children the tools for citizenship and life.  

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NEWS: Revolution Foods - Our New Lunch Vendor!

We are pleased to announce that we've selected Revolution Foods as our new lunch vendor! Revolution Food's lunches are prepared daily along with fresh fruits and vegetables and we are super excited to have their lunches at our school sites! 

Thank you for your patience during our lunch program transition. At this time our online ordering is still not available. Please continue to order meals by submitting your calendar/payment to the school secretaries ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE (orders must be put in by Monday end of day for the following week). 

We appreciate all of the community's support and patience as we make this transition! 

September School Lunch Menu (click here)
Application for Free/Reduced Lunch (click here) 
Introduction Letter from Revolution Foods (click here)


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