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Meet the Board

President:            Karen Lentz ([email protected])   term exp. Nov. 2024
Vice President:    Lillian Markind ([email protected])   term exp. Nov. 2024
Clerk:                    Sarah Duffy ([email protected])   term exp. Nov. 2026
Trustee:                Raul Alcaraz ([email protected])   term exp. Nov. 2026
Trustee:                Sharon L. Boggs ([email protected])   term exp. Nov. 2026
Contact the Board
If you'd like to email the entire Board of Trustees, please email [email protected]. Please note that communications with the Board of Trustees are subject to the Brown Act. Board members may or may not respond to emails. Any response provided to a Board member should be considered a personal response and is not an official statement of the Board of Trustees unless a board member has specifically been selected in a public meeting to represent the entire Board on a matter.