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Parcel Tax Information

Information about Brisbane School District Parcel Taxes

2018 Measure L per Parcel Rate:   $166

Measure L is the same rate every year and expires on June 30, 2026.

Measure L funds are used for:

(1) protecting the classroom and library programs currently available to students

(2) providing well-maintained and up-to-date educational technology

(3) hiring and retaining qualified teacher and staff

None of the proceeds from Measure L will be used to pay for District administration.


2022 Measure G per Parcel Rate:   $131

Measure G replaced Measure B. Measure G funds will be used for:

(1)  providing a music teacher and an art teacher

(2)  providing teachers and instructional aides to assist and support students with reading and core academics

(3)  if funds allow, providing additional library and instructional resources to schools

None of the proceeds from Measure G are used to pay for District administration.


Brisbane SD combined PARCEL TAXES: $297
Both measures will appear on your parcel tax as a combined rate: "Brisbane SD Meas L & G" will be one combined total of the two parcel taxes. We do this to maximize the amount the District receives by only paying one collection fee to the San Mateo County Tax Collector


EXEMPTIONS from paying the Parcel Taxes:
  • Property owners may be eligible for an exemption from the district’s parcel taxes if:
    • they are 65 years of age or older on or before July 1 of the tax year, and
    • they are listed as a homeowner on the property tax bill, and
    • they live on the property for which they are requesting an exemption.

To receive an exemption, please complete an Exemption Request. Forms should be sent to the district office at One Solano Street, Brisbane, California 94005 or via email at [email protected]