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Brisbane Lunch Program 



The need to change the food we offer our students was very obvious due to the quality of the food from Revolution Foods as well as the insane amount of waste that we were producing. I had a meeting one day at Bayshore School and I was offered a school lunch and my wheels started to spin and think of a way we can offer our students this great food.  It took a lot of hard work and planning by both districts to make this a reality. I am very grateful that the Bayshore School District was willing to join in a partnership with the Brisbane School District. This is not a for profit operation that benefits their district financially; this partnership is 100% one district supporting a neighboring district to bring better nutrition to children. I do not look at this as Bayshore is a vendor and us as the customer; in my eyes, this is a partnership. 



The basic concept is to have Bayshore School deliver fresh cooked food to BES, Panorama and Lipman on a daily basis. To ease the logistics of  daily food transportation, all three schools have up-up-to date and fully stocked prep kitchens that the Bayshore School District employees (Gloria, Mariano, Maria) use daily to prepare the fruit and vegetable portion of the meals. Bayshore also stores milk, yogurt, cheese and condiments at each of our three schools. These supplies are inventoried and new supplies are delivered weekly. Having these kitchens fully stocked and used for food storage and food prep is vital to the success of the program as Bayshore does not have the space in their kitchen for our supplies. Students do not need to pre-order lunches which saves our staff countless hours a week. 


Operational Tasks: 

  • Bayshore School District is providing:
    • Hot food daily at each school!
    • Monitoring and tracking food supplies:
      • Each week the prep cooks complete inventory sheets to keep the kitchens stocked with fruit, vegetables, milk, condiments
      • Checking for expiration dates
    • Bayshore is supplying each school with a Prep Cook to:(Mariano, Gloria, Maria)
      • Turn on warming oven to receive food
      • Prepare salad and fruit daily
      • Serve food
      • Pre-make breakfast for the next day
      • Clean kitchen and dishes
      • Cleaning the cafeteria if needed
      • Prepare dishes that need to be returned to Bayshore 
    • Redistribute food between schools as needed
    • Billing BSD for student and adult meals served based on the cost to produce each meal.


  • Brisbane School District is responsible for:
    • Assisting on serving; each school can develop what works best for them and their staff; some menu items require more assistance than others
    • Tracking students/staff who receive a lunch through Meal Time
    • Monitoring and ordering non food supplies:
      • Plates, forks/spoons, bowls
    • Collecting money from staff, sending out bills to staff who owe
    • Paying Bayshore per meal served
    • Maintaining well equipped and up to code prep kitchens
    • Picking delivering non-cooked food items each Monday.
      • BSD can move food between schools if needed as directed by Bayshore staff
    • Reporting both State and Federal reimbursement forms


Serving of meals:

  • Schools are doing a variety of serving methods depending on the meal and space availability
    • Lunch line where students get a plate and each individual item is put on their plate
    • Food is already plated and students are being handed the already plated food. We try not to plate too early to keep the food warm. 
  • Serving Size: Prep cooks have been trained in serving size and are following State/Federal regulations. 
  • If we need more hands on deck ex: pizzas from Friday, any staff may be asked to join in and help.