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Lunch FAQs

Frequently asked questions and resources are found on this page. If you have any additional questions or need more guidance, please contact your school site secretary or the District office.
How do I order lunches online?
Parents will not need to purchase online because lunches are freshly prepared every day and week.
When is the deadline for ordering lunches?
There is no ordering deadline for lunches, and students are not required to pre-order their meals.
When are new lunch menus avaliable?
Menus will be published on our website under the heading "Lunch Programs" and the heading Meal Calendar. Parents will be able to browse and print the upcoming months. The menus will be placed by the secretaries at the school sites for students to view and see.
My child has specific allergies. How do I know what my child can and can not order?
All items will not be prepared or served with nuts of any kind. Every meal will include a vegetarian option for students to pick from. The BSD does not serve gluten-free options. All of the breads we use are whole wheat. We cook with corn and olive oils. We prepare with either beef or chicken. We do not offer pork or fish dishes.
What are my child's vegetarian options?
In most situations, vegetarian selections will be the same dish as before, just without the meat. Alternatives served on hotdogs, hamburgers and turkey sandwiches days the vegetarian option served would be a cheese sandwiches. Consider the difference between spaghetti with meat marinara sauce and spaghetti with marinara sauce, both options would be served that day.