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Welcome to the Brisbane School District (BSD)!
This page contains plenty of information that will help you through the process of enrolling a new student in BSD. Enrollment of new students for 2023-24 is still on going. Enrollment for new students for 2024-2025 will not begin till February 1, 2024.
We are a small district with limited staff. Most enrollment-related questions are answered below. If you do not see what you are looking for, please also look under "Frequently Asked Questions". If you still can not find the answer to your questions on either page, please email: [email protected].
To verify if you live within the Brisbane School District boundaries, go to the District Locator 
Scroll down to the map, click the little map icon on the blue bar, and enter your address in the search bar. A list of school districts for your address will appear.
If you do not live within BSD boundaries, you will need to obtain permission from your district of residence to enroll in BSD. Please check with your district of residence for an Interdistrict Transfer Permit. Note: that each district has its own forms, process and deadline for handling transfer requests.
The Brisbane School District will admit interdistrict transfer students on a space-available basis. Read the full board policy here: Board Policy 5118 .
BSD residents who wish to transfer to another school district, please go to Interdistrict Transfer to print the form.

How to register a FORMER BSD student:

  • If you are the parent/guardian of a former BSD student and want to re-enroll that child for the 2024-2025 school year, contact the District Office for additional instructions.

How to register a CURRENT/FORMER BSD student who has a sibling:

  • If you are the parent/guardian of a current or former BSD student and want to enroll another child from the same household for the 2024-2025 school year, please DO NOT make a separate account for the child. Continuing families will need to provide two new proof of residences.


How to register a NEW student to the BSD:

  • If your family is new to the Brisbane School District, Welcome! Please see the Checklist (below) and follow enrollment instructions listed.  

Step 1: Create/Login into the BSD Parent Portal to register your child. If you do not have a parent portal account and need to create one, please see BSD Parent Portal Instructions 


Step 2: Collect ALL required documents needed for registration.

  • Documents do not need to be submitted all at the same time; however, enrollment will not be processed until the packet is complete.
  • ALL Photos or scans of documents should be uploaded through the BSD Parent Portal.
    • Student documents must show the student's name.
    • The entire document should be visible. If you need to cover-up sensitive information such as social security numbers or salary amounts, please do so.
    • Apple device users should go to Settings / Camera / Formats and ensure that "Most Compatible" is selected prior to taking photos of documents needed.

Documents NEEDED: 

  •  Verification of residency within the district – TWO (2) are required
    • Children and families experiencing homelessness may still register for school. Please visit Homeless Youth and contact the district office for assistance.
    • Per Education Code section 48204.3 (SB 455-Bradford) dependents of active-duty military personnel meet the residency requirement for attending a school if the parent is transferred or pending transfer to any military installation in California. The parent must provide proof of residence in the district within 10 days after the published arrival date on official documentation.
    • Education Code section 48204.19(c), gives districts the right to request additional proof of residency for a student when the student’s established residency is questionable. If you move out of the BSD boundaries, you must request an interdistrict transfer permit from your new district of residence.
    • Each document must be in the name of a parent or legal guardian and must be dated within 45 days of the registration date.
    • The Brisbane School District has the right to investigate discrepancies. Falsification of enrollment documents will result in removal from the school district.
    • Choose any two from this list (each line item counts as one):
      1. Mortgage statement with homeowner’s insurance statement, or lease agreement or payment receipts, or property tax payment receipts
      2. Current PG&E bill or confirmation of service AND one other recent utility bill (water, garbage) or confirmation of service. Cell phone bills are not considered utilities.
      3. Recent (within 45 days) correspondence from a government agency (Note: notices from the DMV do not count as correspondence from a government agency except as proof of auto registration.
      4. Current auto registration and auto insurance statement.
      5. State/Federal Income Tax filed within the past 12 months with W2 form(s) attached.
      6. Current pay check stub or W-2
      7. Proof of current voter registration
      8. Other documents may be acceptable on a case-by-case basis and may require notarization.
  • Proof of child’s age - Submit one of the following: 
    • Birth certificate
    • Hospital certificate of birth (must include child’s name)
    • Statement by local registrar or county recorder
    • Child’s passport
    • Child’s baptismal certificate (if birthdate is listed)
    • Affidavit of the parent/guardian to prove the age of the student
    • Other documents may be acceptable on a case-by-case basis
  •  Most recent immunizations




Step 3: Complete and Submit the NEW student registration 

Enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year will begin at 9:00am on February 1, 2024.

The parent portal is currently locked as it updates to for the new school year. Parents/guardians will be able to make new accounts on Feb. 1st. Parents of current students will be able to add a new student on Feb. 1st.


Assignment of students to schools is done on a first-come, first served basis. However, there is a misconception that parents/guardians must submit enrollment on Feb. 1 in order to get the school of their choice. Please note the following:

  • Parents who rush almost always have missing or incomplete enrollment packets that cause delays for everyone. Sections with errors or incomplete information will be rejected (they show up as yellow in the parent portal). The date/time stamp in our system is the date/time of the most recent change to the enrollment packet.
  • For the past several years, every student who enrolled prior to June 30 was assigned to the school of their choice. 
  • Current TK students at Panorama do not have to re-enroll, but will have priority enrollment in the school of their choice for Kindergarten.
  • Siblings of continuing students will have secondary priority for enrollment at the same school if enrolled by the end of February.


An important note about Health Exams and Immunizations:

  • Only the Health Exam for School Entry is accepted. Forms for Child Care do not meet the state requirements.
  • Only students who have not reached their 5th birthday should be missing a Health Exam during enrollment.
  • Students who have completed their 5th birthday will not be assigned to a school or class without the Health Exam. 
  • Low-cost and free health exams and immunizations are available at the link posted in the Checkbox. 
For age eligibility for Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten (TK) for the school year of 2024-2025:
  • Kindergarten: Children whose 5th birthday is on or before September 1st of a given year are eligible to enroll for Kindergarten that year. Date of birth is between September 2, 2018-September 1, 2019
  • Transitional Kindergarten: Children whose 5th birthday falls on or between September 2, 2024 - April 2, 2025 will be eligible to enroll in TK. Date of birth is between September 2, 2019 - June 2, 2020
    • TK is the first of a two-year kindergarten program and is currently offered only at Panorama Elementary School. At this time, there are no plans to implement a TK program at Brisbane Elementary School. This is is due in part to lack of a classroom space at BES and also due to strict teacher requirements for those teaching TK; BSD has only one teacher with the appropriate authorization to teach TK.
6th Grade students: District residents attending BES or PAN who will be attending Lipman Middle School for 6th grade do NOT need to enroll for Lipman Middle School. Students with an interdistrict transfer permit DO need to reapply for transfer to Lipman.  
8th grade students transitioning to high school will be contacted directly by Jefferson Union High School District.  
Note: Families must submit proof of residency every year. Those who reside or have moved out of BSD boundaries during the school year will need an interdistrict transfer permit from their district of residence in order to continue to attend BSD schools for 2024-2025
Instructions (English) to use Parent Portal. Instrucciones (en español) para acceder al sitio web del Portal para Padres para la inscripción de nuevos estudiantes.
  • Parents of current students must use the email address on file with the school or your student will not be linked to your account.
  • Select Forgot My Password if you do have or do not remember your login password. New families do NOT need an access code.
  • Please do not create more than one account per household. For students with two parent households, contact the District Office for help in linking both parents/guardians to the same account.
  • Please do not add the same student in multiple times - this clogs our system.
  • The adult who creates the parent account is NOT automatically listed as an adult in the household. Only adults listed under In Home Family Members will be uploaded into our student database. Adults not listed will not receive parent communications.
There are no attendance boundaries in the Brisbane School District. All enrollment is processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
All enrollment is conducted electronically through the Parent Portal. There are no paper forms to complete. Enrollment can be completed via computer, tablet or smartphone on either an Android or Apple device. If you do not have a device, please make an appointment to come in to the District Office; we will provide a device for you to use.
  • February 1st: Enrollment of new students for the following school year begins. See Checklist For Enrollment for more information.
  • Last day of February: End of priority period for TK students and siblings of current students.
  • March - August: Enrollment documents are reviewed by district office staff. See Assignments to Schools and Classrooms below.
  • April (end of first week after Spring Break): Interdistrict Transfer requests will be considered. (See note B below.)
  • May: Parents/guardians will be notified of school assignments.
  • June: Park and Recreation offices begin registration for after-school programs.
  • July: Principals review staffing changes and create class lists.
  • August: Families are notified of classroom assignments. (See note C below.)
  • August: Families begin completion of Emergency Contacts and annual forms/permissions in the Parent Portal ("First Day Packets").
A - TK students who do not complete the school year are not given priority. They must re-enroll and their assignment will be considered upon completion of a new enrollment packet.
B - District administrators will review attendance, behavior and progress towards meeting the standards in reviewing requests to renew interdistrict transfers. New interdistrict transfer requests will be held for consideration over the summer. 
C - Administrators cannot accommodate parental requests for specific teachers. There are many factors that go into creating class lists in order to create balanced classrooms in each grade level.       
If your child is already enrolled and attending Brisbane Elementary School or Panorama Elementary School, and you wish to change schools for the next school year, you may request a transfer by completing the form linked below.
Elementary students transferring to Lipman Middle School do not need to complete this form.
Transfers requested by February 19, 2024 will be given priority consideration. "Priority" means that if space is available, your request will be considered before admitting new residents or interdistrict transfers.
Transfers completed on or after March 1,2024 will be considered in the order in which they are received.
The District will attempt to place all students in the school requested. The Superintendent and Principals will meet to review grade-level enrollment and individual class sizes, and determine space available prior to assigning new students to a school.
NO STUDENTS will be placed in a school or classroom until all enrollment documents have been submitted.
Enrollment packets will be reviewed in the order in which they were completed using the date/time stamp in our Parent Portal. In the event that there are more students registered for a particular grade at one school, priority will be given as follows:
  1. Current TK students enrolled at Panorama School will have priority for Kindergarten in either school until February 28. Beginning March 1, students will join the queue in the order in which a request is received. TK students who un-enroll mid-year will need to re-enroll and will be considered in the general queue.
  2. Resident students who have a sibling attending the same school will be given priority if enrollment is received by end of day on February 28. Beginning March 1, sibling enrollment will be processed in the date/time order in which it was received. School placement is still not guaranteed as it is dependent upon space.
  3. Resident students who wish to transfer from one elementary school to another for the next school year will be given priority consideration over students new to the District. School placement is still not guaranteed as it is dependent upon space.
  4. Per contractual agreement, non-resident children of employees are treated as District residents. However, employees must still obtain an approved interdistrict transfer from their district of residence.
  5. Children who are victims of harmful and dangerous situations, including bullying in another school district, will be given priority for enrollment in the Brisbane School District in accordance with Education Code 35160.5. Note that enrollment for these students must include additional documentation, including, but not limited to, a letter from the prior school administrator, school counselor or a court order.
  6. Interdistrict transfer renewals will be approved pending space in accordance with the District's board policy. The District reserves the right to refuse or revoke interdistrict transfers for continuing students if the grade level becomes too full of resident students. Interdistrict transfers may also be revoked for students whose behavior or attendance fails to meet district standards and/or who are not progressing satisfactorily toward meeting state academic standards.
  7. New interdistrict transfers will be considered based on space in the requested grade/school.
  8. The District reserves the right to change school or classroom placement of students in order to maximize District resources. Actual placement, while taking preference into consideration, is dependent upon the following criteria:a.  Facility capacity and class sizeb.  Balance of class size across the Districtc.  Identified special education and other programmatic needs
Classroom (Teacher) Assignments:
Parent/guardian preference is NOT considered when assigning students to classrooms within a school. The Brisbane School District selects only high-quality teachers, and values each and every one as an important and contributing member of the team. The District considers student demographics, abilities, and student needs and makes every attempt to balance each grade across classrooms. Therefore, principals will not consider parent requests in assigning students to a classroom. 
No Mid-Year Transfers:
When demand exceeds capacity, a waiting list is established and parents may exercise their option to have their child's name placed on the list. Once the school year begins, students will not be moved from one school to the next unless extenuating circumstances precipitate a change of school. Parents/guardians who feel they have a compelling reason for a mid-year transfer should notify the school office. Transfers can only be granted if space is available at the requested grade level. 
Families who move during the school year must inform the school office immediately and update emergency information in the Parent Portal. 
Parents/guardians of new students in grades TK-5 are invited to tour the elementary schools. Middle school family tours will be available in late spring. 
Friday, January 26 @ 9:00am
Tuesday, January. 23rd and Thursday, January. 25th both from 9:00-9:45 AM.
Participation in a school tour or lack of participation in school tour will have no impact on your child's enrollment.
If you need a translator in order to participate in the school tour, please notify the District Office by end of day on Jan 15 2024 . Parents/guardians interested in Brisbane Elementary School who are unable to climb stairs are encouraged to schedule a private tour by calling the District Office.
If you missed one of the school tours, please contact the school office or District Office to arrange one.