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Enrollment Information

Enrollment of new students for the 2022-23 School Year is underway! 
It is expected that parents/guardians will read the following information and instructions prior to accessing the parent portal. If you need assistance, please contact the District Office.



RESIDENCY: The term “residency” refers to student housing and its geographic location. The Brisbane School District does not consider immigration status in enrollment decisions. No family will be denied access to school because of their immigration status.


ACCESS TO FREE PUBLIC EDUCATION: Any child whose parent/legal guardian resides within the boundaries of the Brisbane School District is guaranteed access to a free public education in BSD.


STUDENTS AND FAMILIES EXPERIENCING HOMELESSNESS: Students experiencing homelessness have a right to be enrolled in a school without documentation. Families in this situation should contact the district’s Homeless Student Liaison (415-604-5287 or [email protected] for assistance.


STATEMENT OF NONDISCRIMINATION: The Brisbane School District is committed to providing a safe school environment where all individuals in education are afforded equal access and opportunities. The District’s academic and other educational support programs, services and activities shall be free from discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying of any individual based on the person’s actual race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or gender expression; the perception of one or more of such characteristics; or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. Specifically, state law prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender in enrollment, counseling, and the availability of physical education, athletic activities, and sports. Transgender students shall be permitted to participate in gender-segregated school programs and activities (e.g., athletic teams, sports competitions, and field trips) and to use facilities consistent with their gender identity. The District assures that lack of English language skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation in District programs. Complaints of unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying are investigated through the Uniform Complaint Process. Such complaints must be filed no later than six months after knowledge of the alleged discrimination was first obtained. For a complaint form or additional information, contact 415-467-0550.


Kindergarten and
Transitional Kindergarten (TK):

  • Children whose 5th birthday is on or before September 1st of a given year are eligible to enroll for Kindergarten that year.
  • For the 2022-23 school year, children whose 5th birthday falls on or between Sep. 2, 2022 and Feb. 2, 2023 will be eligible to enroll in TK.
  • TK is the first of a two-year kindergarten program and is currently offered only at Panorama Elementary School.


6th Grade students: District residents attending BES or PAN who will be attending Lipman Middle School for 6th grade do NOT need to enroll for Lipman Middle School. Students with an interdistrict transfer permit do need to reapply for transfer to Lipman. 


8th grade students transitioning to high school will be contacted directly by Jefferson Union High School District.


Families who reside or have moved out of BSD boundaries during the 2021-22 school year will need an interdistrict transfer permit from their district of residence in order to continue to attend BSD schools for 2022-23.



Enrollment Options for Families that Live within the Boundaries of the Brisbane School District

To verify if you live within the Brisbane School District boundaries, go to this website, scroll to the map, and enter your address in the search bar:
If you live within the boundaries of the Brisbane School District and you are new to the Brisbane School District:
  • Go to the Parent Portal and create a parent account (instructions below).
  • After you create a parent account you will need to sign back in.
  • Click on the box to add Household information. NOTE: the parent who created the account is not automatically listed as a member of the household. Please add information for all adults in the household. There is also an option to add information for parents/guardians who live in a different household. 
  • Click the box to add a New Student Application. See below for information on the required documents.
If you already have a child enrolled in a BSD school and want to enroll another child:
  • Login to the Parent Portal. If you've forgotten your password, select the link to have it emailed to you. If you've changed your email, contact the school or district office to provide a new one.
  • Click on the box to add a New Student Application. See below for information on the required documents.
If you already have a child enrolled in BES or PAN and want to change elementary schools for the next school year:
  • Use this link to complete a Google Form:
  • Priority consideration for will be given until February 14. All transfers are subject to space available in the requested grade level.
  • Families will be notified if their request has been approved for the next school year.
  • The District only considers mid-year transfers on an emergency basis.
If you once had a child enrolled in a BSD school and want to re-enroll that child or add a new student: 
Contact the District Office to re-activate your parent account. We will provide you with any other necessary instructions at that time.
If you live within BSD boundaries, but want to enroll your child in another school district in California:
  • Complete an Interdistrict Transfer form for each child (below).
  • Submit the form to the Brisbane School District Office for consideration.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet timelines and other enrollment processes for the requested district.


Enrollment Options for Families that live Outside the Boundaries of the Brisbane School District:

  • To verify what district you live in, go to this website, scroll to the map, and enter your address in the search bar:  (NOTE: San Mateo County addresses only.)
  • Families who live outside BSD boundaries will need to get permission from their district of residence (the school district where they live) to enroll in another district. Please contact your district of residence and request an Interdistrict Transfer form for each child you want to enroll in BSD.
  • If approved by your district of residence, it will be forwarded to BSD for consideration. BSD will consider allowing students from other districts to enroll if there is space in the school and grade level requested. Please see Board Policy 5118 for additional information.
  • If approved by BSD, you will be contacted with additional enrollment instructions.


General Enrollment Information:

  • There are no attendance boundaries within BSD: enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • BSD begins enrollment for the next school year on February 1st or the first Monday in February if the first falls on a weekend. The Parent Portal locks every year in advance of the Feb. 1st start date and all prior enrollment packets are deleted.
  • Enrollment packets are date and time stamped automatically based on when a parent submits enrollment. If a section is returned to the parent for being incomplete, the date/time stamp will reset to the most recent submission for the parent. 
  • BSD will consider priority placement of siblings in the same school if the parent/guardian enrolls the sibling within the first two weeks of February.
  • Resident students continuing at the same school from one year to the next do not need to re-enroll. Resident students transferring from either elementary school to Lipman Middle School do not need to re-enroll.
  • Families who move during the school year will need to obtain an Interdistrict Transfer permit in order to continue attending BSD schools.

If you have an enrollment-related question, please email [email protected].


Documents Needed for Enrollment:

Documents need not be submitted all at the same time; however, enrollment will not be processed until the “packet” is complete. Photos or scans of documents will be uploaded through the parent portal. Please be sure that the entire document is clearly visible or processing will be held pending resubmittal.



Verification of residency within the district – TWO (2) are required

  • Children and families experiencing homelessness may still register for school. Please contact the district office for assistance.
  • Per Education Code section 48204.3 (SB 455-Bradford) dependents of active-duty military personnel meet the residency requirement for attending a school if the parent is transferred or pending transfer to any military installation in California. The parent must provide proof of residence in the district within 10 days after the published arrival date on official documentation.
  • Education Code section 48204.19(c), gives districts the right to request additional proof of residency for a student when the student’s established residency is questionable. If you move out of the BSD boundaries, you must request an interdistrict transfer permit from your new district of residence.
  • Each document must be in the name of a parent or legal guardian and must be dated within 45 days of the registration date.
  • The Brisbane School District has the right to investigate discrepancies. Falsification of enrollment documents will result in removal from the school district.
  • Choose any two from this list (each line item counts as one):
    1. Mortgage statement with homeowner’s insurance statement, or lease agreement or payment receipts, or property tax payment receipts
    2. Current PG&E bill or confirmation of service AND one other recent utility bill (water, garbage) or confirmation of service. Cell phone bills are not considered utilities.
    3. Recent (within 45 days) correspondence from a government agency (Note: notices from the DMV do not count as correspondence from a government agency except as proof of auto registration.
    4. Current auto registration and auto insurance statement.
    5. State/Federal Income Tax filed within the past 12 months with W2 form(s) attached.
    6. Current pay check stub or W-2
    7. Proof of current voter registration
    8. Other documents may be acceptable on a case-by-case basis and may require notarization.

 Proof of child’s age - Submit one of the following: 

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Hospital certificate of birth (must include child’s name)
  3. Statement by local registrar or county recorder
  4. Child’s passport
  5. Child’s baptismal certificate (if birthdate is listed)
  6. Affidavit of the parent/guardian to prove the age of the student
  7. Other documents may be acceptable on a case-by-case basis

 Most recent immunizations

  • Current immunization requirements can be found here:
  • Parents/Guardians/ERH will be notified by email if any required immunizations are missing. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian/ERH to ensure documentation is submitted in a timely fashion. Students missing immunizations may be excluded from school.
  • The District will accept proof of appointment while waiting for next immunization.


Health Exam for School Entry

  • All students (TK-8) new to public school in California must submit the Health Exam form. There are various versions of this form; here is one version in English and Spanish (
  • Your pediatrician may have their own. Do not use the “Child Care” form.
  • Please note: the District cannot assign a student to a school or classroom without the Health Exam.


Dental Exam (Oral Health Assessment)

  • All TK/K/1st grade students who were not enrolled in a California public school last year will be asked to submit an Oral Health Assessment from their dentist before December 1, 2022. Please help us by submitting one after the child’s next dental visit.



Immunization regulations changed in 2019; the new requirements can be found at this link:
Students who transfer to a new school must meet the new state requirements (per state law).

Students needing a medical exemption from immunization must submit a new exemption every year. Medical exemptions must meet state requirements, including:
  • a statement from a California-licensed MD or DO stating which vaccines are exempted;
  • the physical condition or medical circumstance for the exemption;
  • the nature and duration of the exemption.

Beginning January 1, 2021, the District is unable to accept medical exemptions for students new to the District. Medical exemptions must be uploaded by the student’s doctor to the state registry. Please contact the District Office if your child has a medical exemption to immunizations so that we may download the document from the state registry.

Assignment of Students to Schools and Classrooms

The District will attempt to place all students in the school requested. The Superintendent and Principals will meet to review grade-level enrollment, and individual class sizes, and determine space available prior to assigning new students or interdistrict transfers to a school.

NO STUDENTS will be placed in a school or classroom until all enrollment documents have been submitted.

In the event that there are more students registered for a particular grade at one school, completed registration packets will be reviewed and students will be assigned in the order in which they registered with the following priorities given:
1.    Current TK students will have priority for Kindergarten until February 15. After February 15, requests for transfer will be processed in the date/time order in which they were received.
2.    Resident students who have a sibling at the same school will be given priority if registration is received on or before March 15, 2021. After March 15, sibling registration will be processed in the date/time order in which it was received. School placement is still not guaranteed as it is dependent upon space.
3.    Resident students who wish to transfer from one elementary school to the other for the next school year will be given priority consideration if transfer request is received on or before March 15, 2021. After Mar. 15, requests will be considered in the date/time order in which they are received. School placement is still not guaranteed as it is dependent upon space.
4.    Per contractual agreement, non-resident children of employees are treated as district residents. However, employees must still obtain an approved interdistrict transfer from their district of residence.
5.    Children who are victims of harmful and dangerous situations, including bullying in another school district, will be given priority for enrollment in the Brisbane School District in accordance with EC 35160.5. Note that registration for these students must include additional documentation, including, but not limited to, a letter from the prior school administrator, school counselor or a court order.
6.    Interdistrict transfers renewals will be approved pending space in accordance with the District’s board policy. The district reserves the right to revoke interdistrict transfers for continuing students if the grade level becomes too full of resident students. Interdistrict transfers may also be revoked for students whose behavior or attendance fails to meet district standards and/or who are not progressing satisfactorily toward meeting state academic standards.
7.    New interdistrict transfers will be considered based on space in the requested grade/school.
8. The District reserves the right to change school or classroom placement of students in order to maximize District resources. Actual placement, while taking preferences into consideration, is dependent on the following criteria:
●       Facility capacity and class size
●       Balance of class size across the District
●       Identified special education and other programmatic needs

Classroom (Teacher) Assignments: Parent/guardian preference is NOT considered when assigning students to classrooms within a school. The Brisbane School District selects only highly qualified teachers, and values each and every one as an important and contributing member of the team. There are many considerations for assigning a student to a particular classroom that have nothing to do with parental preference. Therefore, principals will not consider parent requests in assigning students to a classroom.

No Mid-Year Transfers: When demand exceeds capacity, a waiting list is established, and parents may exercise their option to have their child's name placed on the list. Once the school year begins, the waiting list is deleted; students will not be moved from one school to the next, even if other students move and space becomes available. However, the District recognizes that there may be extenuating circumstances precipitating a change of school. Parents/ guardians who feel they have a compelling reason for a mid-year transfer should complete an Intradistrict Transfer form and submit it to the district office. District and school administrators will confer and inform parents of the decision.

Families who move during the school year must inform the school office immediately and update emergency information in the parent portal. If the new address is outside of the BSD boundaries, parents must obtain permission to attend BSD schools by going to their new district of residence (the school district where you now live), and completing an Interdistrict Transfer form. This policy is in effect even if classes are using the Distance Learning mode of instruction. Once approved by the district of residence, it will be sent to the BSD office for approval. Generally, requests to continue in the BSD are approved; however, district staff will check attendance information and solicit input from school principals on a student’s behavior and academic progress. If any of these three factors fail to meet district standards, request may not be approved.

Click To Access The PARENT PORTAL For New Student Enrollment

Instructions (English) to use Parent Portal. NOTE: Parents of current students must use the email address on file with the school and select “Forgot my password.” New families do NOT need an access code. Please do not create more than one account per family. Please do not add the same student in multiple times.

Instrucciones (en español) para acceder al sitio web del Portal para Padres para la inscripción de nuevos estudiantes. Los padres de los estudiantes actuales deben utilizar la dirección de correo electrónico registrada con la escuela y seleccione "Olvidé mi contraseña". Las familias nuevas al distrito NO necesitan un código de acceso. Por favor, no cree más de una cuenta por familia. Por favor, no agregue el mismo estudiante en varias ocasiones.

During the summer, parents will be prompted to complete annual forms in the parent portal. A notice will be emailed in advance and forms must be completed prior to the first day of school.

During the child’s first year of school (TK, KN or 1st grade), families will be contacted to obtain an Oral Health Report.


Information for English Learners - English Learner Family Toolkit:
For more information about Student Admissions, please read the Student Admissions Policy:
For more information about Registration Policies and Procedures please click below: